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December 24 2017

My favourite Olicty Fics


I never realised I’d read so many Olicity fics until I did this list…

Multiple Chapters

Your Love Is A Waiting Game by sara2117 -  Oliver and felicity have a one night stand but Oliver doesn’t remember any of it so Felicity doesn’t mention it but then she finds out she’s pregnant and basically you need to read this because it is amazing and I kind of might have read it all in one sitting. Whoops. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (and other true sayings) by So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated) - Basically Felicity gets kidnapped on her way home from work and she eventually talks her kidnapper into letting her go. She then walks into The Arrow (literally) and kisses him and then lots of bad stuff happens and this fic is destroying my life. You should read it. 

Songs Not Made For Love (Our Soundtrack) by Jules_Ink -  “Oliver Queen engaged to secretary.” Will an incorrect news article bring our two favourite people together?


Dating Series by  skimmy77 - Pretty much how it sounds. This is just a series of Olicity dates and they are both adorable. 

Like Teenagers Do and A Decent Proposal by byredpendreaming - This is a fluffy one shot duology where Oliver and Felicity are teachers and their students ship them.

One Shots

Patch It Up and Sew It Shut (my scars are all but gone) by sarcastic_fina - Felicity comes home from a long day of work and finds Oliver being a cutie with their daughter. 

Of fun fairs, falsehoods and Captain’s hats by  Iceinherheart - This is a super cute fic and basically I am in love with the father-daughter relationship going on between Captain Lance and Felicity. Also Oliver is adorable as usual. 

Don’t Forget to Remember Me by arrows-and-fairytales - Oliver is being his normal broody self because Felicity has amnesia and Roy is being a cutie as per usual. 

Secretly by bitchwitharrow - Felicity and Oliver try to hide their relationship from Team Arrow… basically Diggle is the leader of the Olicity fan club. 

Cold Toes, Warm Hearts by hopedreamlovepray - Felicity is cold so she uses Oliver as her person human blanket. Why is my otp so cute?

Drunken Oliver by arrows-and-winchesters - Oliver is a bit drunk and all he wants to do is make out with Felicity and he is kind of completely adorable. 

I’m Pregnant by nikkibeckettcsm - Felicity tries to tell Oliver she’s pregnant but he’s completely oblivious and omg my otp are the cutest!

Oliver is a daddy by cityofolicity - Felicity tells Oliver he’s going to be a dad and I swear I die a little bit more every time I read one of these fics. 

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls by flash-smoak-and-arrows - Felicity likes to draw Oliver shirtless and one day he sees her drawing him and they are too cute omg. 

Felicity and the Stitches by SOPHIE1973 - Felicity is high on pain meds because she had to go to the dentist and she is super cute and also Oliver is a great husband. 

Collection of Olicity Prompts: by Hcourageous - Collection of adorable Olicity prompts

Flash Fiction #6: In The Dark by ShouldBeSleeping - Oliver has a nightmare and Felicity is adorable and makes him feel better

No Talking by pambelina - Felicity loses her voice and uses flash cards to communicate

I Hate Mushrooms! (FF#1) by whoseeswhatsyetunseen - Team Arrow goes on a hike and Felicity hates mushrooms and ohmygosh Olicity tension 

“She said ‘boy can I tell you a terrible thing?’” by LizBristow - Felicity thinks she has cancer. Does she? How will she tell Oliver?

Fluffy times for catvampcrazines by malekin - Basically what the title says. Olicity fluff galore also Oliver is adorable when he’s taking care of Felicity

All Well That Ends Well by @wagamiller - Oliver comes back home to Felicity from Nanda Parbat 

50.009, 50.010 by diggo26 - Oliver counts Felicity’s hair HE IS SUCH A CUTIE!

Dancing In A Snow Globe Round and Round by serenadreams - Oliver says i love you in a million different ways (not quite a million but still if you’re looking for adorable olicity fluff this is a must read) 

It Was A Damn Close Call Tonight (We Nearly Lost Our Heart In A Cold Gun Fight) by Sarcastic_fina - Felicity gets shot and it kinda shakes up the whole team, especially Oliver. Also Felicity wants pancakes. 

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Pencil/Digital, 9x12

Chronicler Ralph of Coggeshall, writing at the turn of the 12th century, tells the story of a fairy child named Malekin who haunted Dagworth manor. She used to talk to its inhabitants, speaking to the servants “according to the idiom of the region”, i.e. in broad Suffolk, but using Latin phrases to the priest, with whom she discussed the scriptures. She said that she was a human child stolen from a cornfield by fairies while her mother was working. She had lived with the fairies for seven years, and after another seven would be free to return to her own world. Meantime she could be heard and felt, but not seen - the only person who had seen her was a servant-girl who used to put food out for her and with whom she had become friends. This girl often asked Malekin to make herself visible, and she finally agreed, but only after the other had promised to neither touch or try to detain her. The girl said afterwards that Malekin was like a tiny child, dressed in a white linen tunic.

Of all the stories of fairy changelings in Britain, this is the strangest, as Malekin is something between a fairy (small and invisible), a ghost (attached to a particular place), and a traditional Brownie (living in a relationship with humans and eating their food). A key might be found in Ralph’s compositions from the time.

At that time, Dagworth manor was held by Osbert Fitzhervey. Osbert had connections with various nobility, including royalty through his uncle Ranulf de Glanville, a founder of towns and various influential abbeys, who was related to the Bartholomew de Glanville who figures in another Ralph tale, The Wildman of Orford – a fact which is almost certainly no coincidence. Osbert was born at Dagworth around 1160, became a royal judge, serving three kings, and died in 1206, which makes him about the right age to experience the ghostly goings on in the early 1190s.

It seems possible that Ralph knew Osbert personally, as he had ties with land near Coggeshall. Setting a poltergeist story of a changeling at his house might seem bad enough – but maybe Ralph felt that someone as corrupt as Osbert would attract such uneasy spirits. In his Vision of Thurkill he singles Osbert out for special treatment: Thurkill was a local peasant granted a vision of both hell and heaven in 1206, and he seems to have a vision of Osbert who died that same year – it’s worth quoting in full:

“But now Thurkill sees a notable figure, who has to act sins that have been committed in a high station. All England knew the man once, as one of the Chief Justiciaries; most profound in law, most eloquent in speech, but most corrupt in his dealings. He died this very year, suddenly, without a will; and all his ill gotten wealth has been dispersed and squandered. He is placed on a mock tribunal. The Fiends flock around him, pleading a cause, and urging it with statement and counterstatement. He shifts from right to left, listening, noting, taking money from both sides, and fingering and counting the bribes incessantly. But the coins glow in his clutches, and he is forced by the Fiends to cram them down his greedy throat. Then they roll and iron cartwheel up and down his back, pounding him with the massive studs upon it, till he disgorges what he has swallowed. And at a sign the Fiends pick up the coins, and keep for another time.”

These tales of Ralph and other 12th and 13th century chroniclers often have strange little details that seem to reveal them as truth – such as the chest with the food in it that Malekin takes. But you can also pick up the political bent of the time as well – Malekin is gifted with languages, and can speak Norman-French and Latin – and even English. Ralph, a Norman himself, is happy to put the English in their place - whatever his misgivings about Osbert’s political actions, all his three Suffolk tales primarily feature wealthy nobility.

November 16 2017

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This teacher should be rewarded not suspended.

If you made a donation to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund before February, then some of your money went directly to this teacher to help pay her rent & put food on the table while she fought her 20-day suspension. 

We set up the Defence Fund to help anti-fascists and anti-racists whenever their stance against hate lands them in hot water.  Maybe you should make a donation to the Defence Fund today to ensure it’s there to help the next time a teacher has to do the right thing.

November 04 2017

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October 30 2017

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At a rally of the nation’s top neo-Nazi coalition in Tennessee on Saturday, one noise drowned out the violent calls for a whites-only ethno-state in America: Beyoncé. Across the barricades, the highway and lines of heavily armed police officers, a coalition of counterprotesters were dancing and deriding the white nationalists, taunting them with a sound system that drowned out the neo-Nazis’ own set of speakers.

“This is what your kids are listening to at home right now,” a counterprotester shouted through a song from Beyoncé’s album Lemonade. “Hope you hired a white nationalist babysitter!”

As the white nationalists began their rally in Shelbyville, setting up the sound system and struggling to gather the 100 or so white nationalists around so that they could all hear the speakers, the counterprotesters blasted the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. over their heads.

“I just want to say how beautiful it is that Nazis and the KKK got together to listen to Martin Luther King in silence,” Irwin said on the bullhorn.

The white nationalists shouted back, “Fuck you,” and “Jews will not replace us!”

“What’s that you’re saying?” Irwin asked. “You’re saying you want more Martin Luther King? Well, ok then.”

“They want people to be afraid of them, but really they’re just objects of ridicule,” Chris Irwin, a local lawyer who led many of the derisive chants, said at the rally. “Their kids hate them, and they’re exiled by their own family.”

King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is perhaps the most famous rallying cry against fascism and racism in America, but there are many more slogans that have been deployed throughout the century-long history of anti-fascist protest. On Saturday, the counterprotesters added “Y’all wild” and “Send nudes” to that storied list.

“You’re sexy! You’re cute! Take off the Nazi suit!” they cheered.


// since antifa only gets mentioned in the news when shit turns violent, this is a side of antifa you might not have seen a lot. remember, if scaring off nazis with beyoncé works, there’s no need for a punch. violence is only used as a last resort.

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todd howard is threatening to drop bombs on us in 60 years

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nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures

more info about project unbreakable here

original tumblr here

previously: nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends/family

I gave a presentation about victim-blaming and how much of a problem it truly is. And someone had the audacity to write, “I’m not convinced it’s a problem.” 

This is horrific.

October 25 2017




Okay, I have a life hack for you.

Last week, I got attacked by the most painful and persistent hiccups of my life at work. My co-worker heard me hiccuping and said, absently, “Got the hiccups?” and I said miserably, “Yeah.” And she said, “Prove it.”

And I glared at her, because why the fuck should I prove anything to her? And I waited for the next hiccup, which would prove that she was a dick and that I was, indeed, suffering from hiccups. And… that hiccup never came. And she smirked and said, “My daughter calls me whenever she has hiccups and when I ask her to prove it, she never can.”

And that was weird. But later that night, I got hiccups AGAIN, so I said to my boyfriend, “I HAVE HICCUPS.” and he said “Yeah, you do.” And I said, “No, ask me to prove it.” And he gave me a look like I was a crazy person, and I hiccuped again and insisted he ask me to prove it and he did and BAM. I couldn’t do it!

And a few days LATER, I got the hiccups WHILE DRIVING ALONE, and I said, out loud, “DUDE, I have the hiccups.” And then, in another voice, “PROVE IT.” And bam. Couldn’t do it.

The moral of the story? Apparently hiccups are little shits who refuse to perform on command. 

There you go. Hiccup cure. I can’t promise it’ll work for everyone, but so far, it’s worked for me like six times.

You’re welcome.

My dad always did this. Weirdly, it worked

“I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you hiccup again” also works

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Reblogging this again because Chris just made me realize that sheep are so stupid that I can’t even think like them:

These sheep? They are actually running away from the car.

They are so stupid that they’re following each other in a circle around the thing they are running from.


when your group cohesion is set higher than your flee response distance.


This is actually called a sheep cyclone and it happens because sheep don’t have a hierarchy. In most herds, whichever animal is the leader will sense danger and take off running. The rest of the herd takes it’s cues from the leader and follows. Sheep, on the other hand, don’t have a leader. If the flock runs, they run, and they follow whatever fluffy tail happens to be in front of them. Usually, this works out fine for the sheep. Occasionally, however, the sheep in the front starts following the fluffy tail of the sheep in the back so the whole flock ends up running in circles, going nowhere fast.

sheeps are morons lmao

is this what the doggos are for


This is, to my understanding, excactly WHY we have both herding and livestock guardian dogs.  Sheep are… really amazingly dumb most of the time.  

Then, once in a while, you get one sheep that’s Entirely Too Cunning and that’s when all hell breaks loose.



ok universe, i’m ready to feel good things. make me feel good things.

whenever i post this it works 
reblog if u want to feel good things & the universe will bring u something sweet 



me, a lesbian, mistaking a nice twink for a nice butch lesbian: [gives him the lesbian nod]

him, a twink, mistaking me for a twink: [gives me the gay once over]

me, a sensitive dyke: [calls an uber and spends the whole time misty eyed, wondering why this nice butch would look me over like i wasn’t a HUMAN BEING, like i was something to be gawked at. i ignore my Uber driver’s attempt at small talk, staring out the window and questioning everything i know about life, meaning, and the pursuit of lesbianism]

him, a confused gay: [stares at the space this twink just vacated, completely floored. a nod. does he think this is a game. does he think this is a joke. this isn’t a PTA meeting where you nod at your old friend but also secret enemy Brenda from across the room. was i not even worth the once over. have i lost my game. what does this mean]

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Ella Dawson has genital herpes, and she wants to tell you about it. 

She’s not speaking up for the shock value — she’s telling you because she wants all of us to be able to talk about STIs without shame or stigma. When we make it okay to talk about, she says, people are more likely to get tested and less likely to be afraid to share their status. 

In her badass talk at TEDxConnecticut College, Ella tells the story of her diagnosis, how she overcame feeling like “human trash,” and why we need to end the stigma — now. It’s packed with information (and a shot of humor), and if you didn’t already agree with her, you will by the time she’s done.

Watch the full talk or read the transcript here.

(Full disclosure: Ella is TED’s social media manager. This post was written by her boss who is so incredibly proud of how fearlessly she speaks out.)

OK What the fuck is wrong with this bitch. Getting herpes is most definitely a reflection on a bad decision!!! There is something in this world called condoms!! Oh yeah and they are free at Planned Parenthood so you can’t even use the fucking excuse that they are expensive or your broke so you couldn’t buy any.. Seriously what the fuck
I am not saying you have to make it a big deal that you have herpes and have to tell the fucking world but you need/should tell your sexual partner..

Hi! That’s me. I’m that bitch. Nothing wrong with me except for an anxiety disorder and a runny nose today.

Here’s a fun fact you should probably know: condoms do not prevent the transmission of herpes. That’s because herpes is transmitted through skin contact, not fluids, and a condom does not cover all of the areas where genital herpes can express itself. Herpes is also often transmitted through oral sex, which most people do not use protection for. Using condoms and dental dams can greatly reduce your risk of getting herpes, but telling people to just use condoms is quite useless advice. I should know—I was a Planned Parenthood volunteer who used condoms religiously when I contracted genital herpes.

Many people do not tell their partners that they have herpes because they do not know they have herpes in the first place. That’s because many people can carry the virus without showing symptoms, and herpes is not tested for in most standard STI tests. But most people have herpes—in fact, according to the World Health Organization, 2 in 3 people in the world have HSV-1, which is the strain of herpes that I have. In all likelihood, you have herpes too. You may have even contracted it from a family member who kissed you on the mouth when you were little. 

I tell all of my partners that I have genital herpes before we have sex because I think they have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies. I consider it part of obtaining informed consent. My partner who transmitted herpes to me did not give me the option to decide whether or not I wanted to take the risk of contracting the virus, and I think that was probably because he did not know he had the virus. I harbor no ill will towards him for transmitting to me. If he’d disclosed his status to me, I would have fucked him anyway.

Considering the fact that you know that condoms are available for free at Planned Parenthood—and that your tumblr is full of porn GIFs, no judgment!—I hope that you have been tested recently for herpes as well. It requires a blood draw, so if you’ve been peeing in a cup for your STI testing, you don’t know your herpes status. If you test positive for herpes, which you probably will, statistically speaking, I’ve written this guide on what to do after you’ve been diagnosed. I hope you will find it helpful!

Thank you for watching my TEDx talk, which you absolutely made sure to do before calling me a bitch, and have a wonderful evening!


She said I’m that bitch….. I’m already gagged I haven’t even finished reading this

WHOS 👏🏾 THAT 👏🏾 BITCH 👏🏾 I’M 👏🏾 THAT 👏🏾 BITCH 👏🏾


Amazing. Go girl. <3

But while that was such a successful drag, it makes me so sad to know that she has to reference that she used condoms religiously/was a PP volunteer, etc., to validate herself/protect herself from judgemental assholes like that one. People don’t owe you explanations or justifications for why contracting a disease was not their fault - don’t be that person making someone feel like they need to back themselves up for your own satisfaction.

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Trigger warning: Breakfast

Holy shit.

reasons why we don’t make fun of seemingly odd triggers

I sat here staring at that last panel for a solid minute, reading then reading again. This is just something else.




Why is LARP so much more taboo than historical reenactment why is pretending you’re a wizard less socially acceptable than pretending you’re a confederate

This…is…a decent question.

I agree. I’d much rather have wizards running around than confederates…

October 16 2017








Once my friend Henry was accused of wearing wireless headphones by a substitute so she said for him to hand them over so he took them off and handed them to her. Then later on she asked him a question and he didn’t respond so she said it louder and he still didn’t respond. She asked why he was not responding and he said “I can’t understand you ma'am, you took my hearing aids.”


one time we had a sub that was handing back papers and called my name. I asked if someone could grab it for me and she started mocking me for not even standing up. taunting me asking why I was not walking up to the front to get the paper myself.

my classmates went dead silent and after the sub’s laughter ended someone informed her that the wheelchair parked nearby belonged to me

I had a sub in English once, on presentation day. And everyone goes up and does their thing, and then its my turn. The whole time im stuttering and mixing up my words, having to stop and re-say my sentences. The rest of the class is used to this and claps. However, by the time its over, the teacher is 100% done.

Starts saying horrible thing about how im going to have to get over my ‘fear of public speaking’ and how she’s heard 8 year olds give better presentations (plus worse things but I don’t really member them). By then im in tears and on the brink of a panic attack, and then she starts telling me off for crying

The rest of the class is horrified. Then this boy stands up. He never been my friend and we never really got along, but he’d never bullied me. He told her in a pissed off, cold voice that in freshmen year I got a concussion and that I never really recovered from it, so all that was medical related and I couldn’t help it. Then he starts telling her off and the rest of the class joins him.  

The teacher is mortified and tries to cover her ass, but the whole class walked out and that boy took me by the shoulders and we all walked to the principles office and told him what had happened. Lets just say she isn’t teaching anymore.

Also, turns out that boy had a sister like me, who couldn’t really speak. We’ve been best friends for 8 years and i’ll be his best woman at his wedding next year. 

The moral is that Teachers, even subs, and adults shouldn’t scold kids before knowing the whole story, because shit like that can fuck up kids self-esteem for the rest of their life. 

When I was thirteen, I had to have spinal surgery. When my doctor said I was allowed to attend school again, he said I had to use a wheelchair when on school grounds. My first day back at school, my special-ed teacher had put up a banner in her classroom that read, “There is no elevator to success. You must take the stairs.” I asked what that meant regarding my wheelchair, and she gave me detention for “disrespecting her authority”. The next week she gave us a homework assignment to design a poster that could potentially be used as a Public Service Advertisement. On the due-date, I handed this in.

My special-ed teacher was fucking OUTRAGED. She wanted me expelled for ridiculing her authority in front of the other students. The principal proclaimed my work to be “a masterpiece of satirical genius” and vetoed the special-ed teacher’s attempt to expel me.

Reblogging this post yet again, this time for the masterpiece of satirical genius. Hope the teacher got in trouble.

expelled for ridiculing a teacher’s authority? what kind of dumb shit??? what a cunt of a teacher.



anyways terfs are not and will never be welcome on this blog

so if ur a terf fucking unfollow me, no please no thank you



miss me with that ‘weapon accuracy’ shit. im shooting everything. im laying down cover fire. im shooting the walls. im shooting my teammates. im shooting myself. my accuracy is 100% yall just dont know what im aiming at

I didn’t even read the rest because I’m still laughing at “miss me with that ‘weapon accuracy’ shit” like I’ve never read a more perfect phrase in my life


Sometimes you fall off the wagon for months. Sometimes you tell yourself you’re gonna start fresh on Monday and by Wednesday you’ve already fallen back off. Sometimes you have to restart a 100 times and it’s frustrating. But it will be okay. You can do this. One day at a time

7497 891f 500


What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world.



In one episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, they talk about how trans people have it difficult in prison. In the very next episode the sentence “Nothing is more attractive in a woman than the clear absence of a penis” is uttered.

It’s almost like B99 is a show made by liberals for liberals and its progressiveness is entirely performative.

Just want to point out since the post kind of glosses over the fact that the last sentence is uttered ironically by a gay character who is trying to pass as straight to distract a guard at a women’s prison. The running joke is that he believes straight people are transphobic and homophobic, so when he tries to pretend to be one, he acts that way. The joke is, no one around him acts like what he’s saying is off, making further commentary on how transphobic and homophobic our society is.

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